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Dear participants, sponsors, space enthusiasts

 We deeply regret to have to inform you about the fact that Eugene Francis “Gene” Kranz had suffered from a severe health problem which made him unfit for travelling. Thanks to medical intervention he is again in “normal” condition, but he now has to undergo therapy and adaptation of his medication, under medical supervision.

This unfortunately affects all the planned activities from the AIR14 to the lecture for FOCA/HWZ/SWISSAPOLLO/ARTPROD/SRV in Zurich.

Gene Kranz himself proposed the following solution which we are happy to accept, too: astronaut Charlie Duke, Apollo 16, is going to take over his duties and in particular his lecture on September 3.  Although we really regret that Gene Kranz will not be among us, we do still look forward to having an interesting and impressive lecture and insight to the Apollo program and “practically applied teamwork and leadership” with Charlie Duke.

We send our best wishes to Gene Kranz. We really hope that he’ll be healthy again very soon, hoping to meet him in Switzerland on another occasion!

 We thank Gene Kranz and Charlie Duke most sincerely – and we thank you, dear supporters and participants for “staying aboard”. Thank you for your comprehension!


Capt. Lukas Viglietti                                           Capt. Gerhard Boller


Message of support from Dr Edgar Mitchell

The astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, who walked on the Moon during the Apollo 14 mission, is a fervent defender of the environment and of sustainable growth on Earth.  He actively supports SwissApollo. Founded by  Lukas Viglietti, this association is dedicated to preserving the rememberance of Swiss involvement in the Apollo lunar program. It encourages the persuance of the space adventure, in particular through the eye-witness testimony of its pioneers.